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Emerging North

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Group Exhibition Curated by Teresa Vander Meer-Chassé

A celebration of young Indigenous artistic achievement. Emerging North echoes the Arctic Winter Games’ values of the spirit of togetherness, legacy building, and Northern pride. Like the AWG athletes, many of the artists included in this exhibition are considered “emerging” or at the beginning of their careers. Playful and experimental, a diverse range of artworks explore themes of shared northern experiences, Indigenous futurisms, and the relationship between culture and play.

Artist Statement

Endless sky, and breathtaking views – growing up in Whitehorse, Yukon was growing up in paradise. While the landscape seemingly remains untouched, I am aware of the exponential growth of population and industry. In creating “Paradise” I was thinking about the effects of industrial advancements and the toxic nature of the materials that I use in my artistic practice. “Paradise” is intended to engage, to investigate and to enjoy, much like Yukon’s natural supernatural landscape.


with artists:

Kaylyn Baker

Krystle Coughlin Silverfox

Jeneen Frei Njootli

Violet Gatensby

Benjamin Gribben

Blake Shaá’koon Lepine

Cole Pauls

Yukon Art Centre Public Gallery

March 2020 -


Artist Talk

Message from MP, Larry Bagnell

Photos by Katie Newman

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