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Updated: Jul 13, 2021

The Effort of Being Disinterested, Heather Von Steinhagen, 2021

As a young kid, I was always amazed at how dumb adults were. I always felt that they added so much drama to straightforward issues—busy minds on busy problems.

In school, we learned about historic battles caused by ego clashes at the expense of the people who made them powerful*. Then to go home to adjust the bunny ears to CBC to see the same story repeat in real-time.

I'm amazed that we continue to do the same routine of power, never any more perfect than the generation before. It seems like a collective expectation that the tumbling of bricks will eventually turn into smooth gemstones.

The external noise is placed there for your judgment.

We'll never run out of things to want, which seems to spur our motivation.

So perhaps the goal is to celebrate every moment rather than want another moment.

Because, sometimes and someday, breathing won't be easy - so I suggest that now is the time to exult in our becomings.

Life is all about navigating or sinking in adversity. The human experience is rigged for failure. But, the miracle is what we create from that adversity. Those are the pieces we collect from the gravesites of our past.

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The same day I was paid by the British Library to say "decolonization, to me, is the thoughtful and methodical dismantling of capitalism" was the day Cowessess First Nation showed its full strength and resiliency.

I'm beginning to understand 'home' is a place within. To live raw and unfiltered takes courage. I hope that you'll practise with me.

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- H

*I recently learned the term "Pyrrhic Victory." I've been thinking about it a lot. Introduced to be by a great podcast, Philosophize This!


Heather is an intuitive, painter and fine toy maker.

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