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Landscapes and UFOs

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Collaboration with Nicole Bauberger

In June 2020, Nicole Bauberger and I painted a collaborative series of plain air paintings by trading canvases and inserting extraterrestrial happenings in each other's landscapes.

From the tailgates of our trucks, we painted from different stops in and around Whitehorse, Yukon:

  • Carcross Desert

  • Emerald Lake

  • Yukon Transportation Museum

  • Grey Mountain

  • Tankini River Bridge - Historic Mile 946

These oil paintings will be exhibited at the Yukon Transportation Museum in July 2020. In celebration of the 100 years of aviation in Yukon.

Thank You

Nicole Bauberger for being so generous with your time

Yukon Arts Centre Emerging Artist Program for supporting the plein air painting in oil mentorship with Nicole.

Yukon Transportation Museum and Janna Swales for space and dedication to let Nicole and I run our imaginations wild.

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