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Love Must Be Nurtured, Not Won

Out of the convenience of Mercury retrograde, I forgot to hit send yesterday to get this love note to you on the 11th at 11*.

After realizing my mistake this morning, I opted for one last review, and I didn’t like it. So, I decided to re-write it. I didn’t know what I wanted to write, but I knew I didn’t want to send mediocre ramblings.

Sometimes I need to abide by the “when I feel like it” voice in my head.

So I decided to retake some work in progress shots of this baddie:

I read that it’s important to keep consistent, so your audience doesn’t get confused. So, I still had this antagonizing thought about disappointing my goal of a witty newsletter date and time.

With too much anxiety around details, it’s easy to forget to have fun and not take everything so seriously.

What about reaching potential customers? What about making sales?

First of all, brain, I don’t even sell anything.

And second of all, I’m doing other fun money-making (and volunteering**) things like working on a new website, sitting on art juries, moderating art juries, getting to speak to the British Library*** about my work with the Indingenzie Wikipedia, a satellite project by Valerie Salez “To Talk with Others” and working two very cool jobs.

I often find myself hovering in the land of abstraction.

I daydream about a society rooted in the reciprocity of joy where survival is based on the necessity of living rather than on the condition of earning money.

Could you imagine the potential if we didn't have to worry about making money?

What if we were just appreciated for our gifts and celebrated by our community because it's natural, beautiful and worth celebrating?

I imagine the exchange and the appreciation of the intangible.

So that’s the topic for this reimagined artists newsletter. The reminder that love is nurtured and not won.

I am shifting out of a product-based mindset while complying with the demands of living in capitalism.

Bite by bite, I am dismantling the culture that manifested inequity.

I am sharing my work in progress, doodles and rambling insights in exchange for your appreciation.

I hope that you are caring for yourself as deeply as you are caring for others.

- H

*Also, my blog didn’t publish or save. Signs?

** I mean, this could earn me money down the line with the skills I learned, networks I built and whatever other unpredictable that may happen.

*** Fun story: I accepted this talk during a hectic time, and I initially thought it was the British Columbia Libray.


Heather is an intuitive, painter and fine toy maker.

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