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Observer of Sorts

It’s been one month since my first newsletter and you’re the lucky weirdos who get to witness me dance around while I try to figure out what I’m doing.

Lately, I've been really getting to understand how nurturing creativity is serious business. Like wake up early, eat clean and exercise serious. Trusting my intuition is a skill that I took for granted in my youth and angsty teen years.

Life passes by quickly. One minute I'm dreaming of "that artist life" and the next minute I'm wondering why I haven't been drawing everyday like I promised myself.

These days I’m more of an ungrounded philosopher.

At this point of my practice, I'm jotting fragments of ideas.

A daily practice doesn't have to be obvious. I'm recognizing that the creative process happens in every instant if we pay close enough attention.

Stuff that I’m into right now

A weekly email of Indigenous law stories around Canada and the world.

Listening to Escape from Freedom by Erich Fromm audiobook

A historical review of the epidemic of individualism as a result of capitalism which has the danger to steer people towards dictatorship.

Making Spotify Playlists like Just Smiling in Strange Ways

I used to be famous on 8tracks (rip).

There's a lot of going science not turning into policy. Why?

Eat yo veggies, love unconditionally and rest when necessary,

- H

P.S. Listen to me talk about that artist life April 28th:

Heather is an intuitive, painter and fine toy maker.

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