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The Persistent Nagging of Optimism and Realism

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Good ol’ Taurus season has me feeling slow and low, getting rooted and preparing for adventure.

I’ve been basking in the pleasurable moments. That sweet sensation after an engaging conversation. The crisp smell of rain. The coming and going of the sun each day. The stillness after a powerful teary moment.

There’s a question I ask everyone:

“What advice would you give someone my age?”

The response I receive is always a variation of “don’t worry so much” and "don't be a s***** person."

How could you not want to spend all day worrying about your loved ones, the animals, the planet, the existence of everything that we all carefully created and destroyed together?

But, amongst the chaos, the pain and the violence, art and community thrive with the persistent nagging of optimism and realism. The spirituality of resilience transformed into cultural references for us to look back on and to learn from or ponder on or dismiss.

Something about honest reflections about how awful we let our self-destructive behaviours affect society at large.


I took the month figuring out how to hang these square guys.

I’ve also been enjoying impromptu nature adventures in between marathons of hard work and intense rest.

and I continue to quietly build and not sweat the small stuff. What advice would you give a 29 year old? - H


Heather is an intuitive, painter and fine toy maker.

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