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The Art of Being

When we're Gorgeous and Rich

So, it's been two months since my last update. Since then, I've moved back north to Whitehorse and settled into the unknown. It's been a whirlwind of a time in true Saturn return fashion.

It seems almost impossible to have a break, but at the same time, it seems almost impossible to rest. It's during this time of transition where I've understood that life will always pass by with tragedies and bliss in the same moment.

I've been running on a hamster wheel, as many of us have been or have done. It takes one lucky shot for the wheel to break. Finally, I'm able to be the hamster that gathers and nests. I was feeling kind of spacey. Like, if I didn't hold on to all of the anxieties, to-dos. and dreams down with the full force of my body, they would all float up to space without any real direction. Just floating with nowhere to land. Maybe to just merge with an asteroid and explode.

I dubbed myself a realistic optimist, and the reality is that life feels heavy at the moment but I still manage to laugh daily amidst the bullshit.

Because I have two exhibitions in January, I've been nominated for an award, I've found a place on two boards of directors, and I've been asked to be a co-curator. Not to mention, I made myself a career to make art, to admin art, and to share my ideas for fun.

Not a Fan of too Good 2 Be True

It's in these moments of chaos and bliss where I'm reminded that we are human beings, and it takes a lot of practice to stop being a human doing. I'm just so delighted at the world of opportunities opening up for me and thank you for excusing me while I soak it all in.

Here I am, off the hamster wheel. The art of being is full of heartbreak and excitement. So please keep singing for us in the key that suits your soul. Being human guides us to be free in every moment. I'll see you next month.

- H


Heather is an intuitive, painter and fine toy maker.

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